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When contacting Kris Sanders (Cackleberry Creative) your personal information will not be used in conjunction with any other form of company advertising nor shall it be passed onto 3rd parties; unless we are legally obliged to do so or required to do so in order to complete a project (this may be in the form of billing and/or delivery address). You will be fully informed before any information is passed on based upon the above information.


Kris Sanders (Cackleberry Creative) will only require your personal information for direct contact to yourself. Your personal data can be requested by yourself at anytime within office open hours. All personal data is contained within a format held by Kris Sanders (Cackleberry Creative) only.


Should you wish for Kris Sanders (Cackleberry Creative) to remove all or any personal information please contact:


This website:

The information, images and links found on this website are owned by Kris Sanders (Cackleberry Creative). All information, images and links found on this website may change from time to time in accordance with marketing structure and government policies.


Kris Sanders (Cackleberry Creative) has taken care in not displaying personal information within this website. However, Kris Sanders (Cackleberry Creative) has full right to display projects, artwork and creative information relating to that project. Should you wish for your project and/or artwork to not be displayed on this website please contact:


Kris Sanders (Cackleberry Creative) holds the copyright to all information found upon this site. By using any information on this site (without the direct permission of Kris Sanders (Cackleberry Creative) you will be in breach of those copyright laws and it will be possible that Kris Sanders (Cackleberry Creative) will choose to take further legal action. Only already notified persons have direct access to the content shown on this site.


A link from this website to another does not affect the third parties legal information nor does it imply that Kris Sanders (Cackleberry Creative) is legally bound or have any connection to the information shown on the third party site. Kris Sanders (Cackleberry Creative) follows the strict privacy policies set out by other companies linked to this website. It is advised that you take notice of other companies privacy policy before submitting information to them, as we are not responsible for any loss or damage should you choose to contact the direct.


Kris Sanders (Cackleberry Creative) does not guarantee that use of this site will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that the site and its servers are free of computer viruses or bugs.


Data used within marketing:

Kris Sanders (Cackleberry Creative) may wish to send direct marketing to yourself. Kris Sanders (Cackleberry Creative) will only do this should you agree to this privacy policy. If you have not agreed to you data being used in this way you will not receive marketing material from Kris Sanders (Cackleberry Creative). When providing data for marketing usage your data will never be provided to 3rd party businesses, individuals or organisations.

Should you wish to stop receiving marketing material please contact :



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